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May, 2021

Top 3 ways to buy Dog Toys while social distancing.

By Ty, Fabio and Zig - Updated 12 hours ago

Find the best dog toys from the safety of your home.

You and your dog are in quarantine. So, you took to Google, searched for dog toys, and now here we are.

Thanks to the internet you can buy dog toys from the safety of your home.  The tricky part is finding the right toys your dog will love. That's where we come in. We curated the 3 best ways to buy dog toys on the internet.

Before we get started, here are 3 Pro Tips that will lay the foundation of your search.

Pro Tip #1:  Don't assume Amazon is best

We all love buying on Amazon, but they may not always have the best buying options. Sometimes, you can get a better deal buying straight from the brand's website instead.

Pro Tip #2: Subscriptions can save

According to our research, you can start associating the word subscription with savings. In almost all cases, we found dog subscription box companies have a cheaper “cost per toy” than buying individually. Not to mention time savings.

Pro Tip #3: Variety is the spice of life

Similar to humans, dogs enjoy variety. It stimulates and entertains their mind. We recommend trying more than one of the brands and/or toys listed below. 

Okay, let's get right into it so these dog toys can be on their way to your house and you can get on to your next activity. Our list is divided in sections, starting with our most recommended at the top. It's important to note that we love all of the brands listed on our site and none have bad products. in fact, they all passed our minimum requirements with flying colors.

#1 Winner


designed for power chewers.

(Image credit: BULLYMAKE)

Pro Tip:  Choose the all toys option

🏆 Subscription box for durable toys.
📦 What's in the box:  4 toys or 2 toys and 2 treats.
📅 Monthly themes:  awesome
🏟️ Toy materials:  rope, rubber, nylon and ballistic.
💪 Durability:  9.9/10

🥩 Treat quality:  9.7/10
 ✓  Ingredients: Made in USA, 100% grain-free

⭐ Package and design:  9.4/10
 💲 Average price per toy:  $7.75 to $9.75
👩 Customer service:  10/10
💯 Warranty:  14 day guaranteeI

Buying Options And Promos


Best options we found are on BULLYMAKE.com. Here are links to promos and discounts you may not find anywhere else.

Subscribe For 40% Off

Detailed Review

We chose BULLYMAKE As our number one recommendation for a couple important reasons.

First, it's a subscription box, but you can also buy their toys individually. Their subscription is a much better deal . When subscribing, we strongly recommend choosing the "toys only" option, especially if you have multiple dogs.

Second, Not only is BULLYMAKE a great value, but we also found their toys to be extra durable. If your dog destroys standard toys, then BULLYMAKE is for you. You Know Who You Are. If your dog loves to chew on things all day long, then look no further because BULLYMAKE toys are built to withstand even the strongest and most overeager chewers..

You can request a “toys only” box with 4 toys, or a 2 toy and 2 treat combo.  They have new, theme based toy designs each month. All toys are made from super tough materials. No plush here. You can mix and match materials anytime based on your dogs preference. Treats are all made in the USA and are 100% grain free. If your dog has certain allergies, just let them know and they will make sure to only send items your dog can have.

BULLYMAKE’s customer service stood out from the rest. We started with toys only, and then wanted to switch to the toys / treats combo. We just went to their website, clicked the customer service button in the bottom right-hand corner and wrote them a simple note.  A rep named Nisa quickly responded and made the change we needed flawlessly. She even included a positive message and some fun emojis in her replies. I rarely experience better customer service, even at Disneyland. 

BULLYMAKE toys come with a 14-day guarantee. If your dog can destroy them in less than 2 weeks, they will be impressed and send you more for free. Dare your dog to destroy them.

What's the downside? They don't have cute plush birthday cakes or tennis balls. No scarves, collars and leashes either. Just hardcore toys and tasty treats. If you want the fluffy stuff then scroll down.

But, if your dog is either chewing, thinking of chewing or just got done chewing, then subscribing to BULLYMAKE make right now is an absolute no-brainer.

Subscribe For 40% Off

Okay, now that you've heard about BULLYMAKE, it's time for the next category; Best all-natural treats!

Best Pet Specific Source


Pet Products and Supplies at Low Prices

(Image credit: Chewy)

🏆 Most variety
🏟️ Toy materials: 
 💲 Price:  $3 to $199
👩 Customer service:  9.7/10

Unlike BULLYMAKE, Chewy.com does not make any of their own dog toys. They are an e commerce marketplace, similar to Amazon, that sells products from hundreds of different brands. So, the toys you can buy through Chewy.com are going to be made by ZippyPaws, Nylabone, Kong and more.

The cheapest toys are in the $2 range, with the most expensive being the infamous iFetch, coming in at $199.99.

Chewy.com has virtually every type of dog toy on the market. Some examples are tennis balls, ball launcher sticks, interactive toys, plush, and even a Tether Tug stick.

The Secret: You don't just have to just buy from one source, if you are thinking of subscribing to BULLYMAKE, but would want to try some of the different brands you find on Chewy, just do both. Especially if you have  More than one dog (or they just deserve to be spoiled).

The verdict: if you are looking for a wide variety of toy options from many different brands, Chewy.com can be a reliable source.

Shop Chewy.com

Best All Around Source


(Image credit: Amazon)

🏆 Amazon Prime. Enough said.
📦 Subscription box options
 💲 Price:  $.01 (plus shipping) to $990

The champ is here! Amazon, the world's online shopping king, is also home to more dog toys than your dog could try even if given a new one every day of their life.

You saw the price above correct. $.01 is the cheapest toy, but you do have to pay about $5 shipping, so technically it comes out the same as many other more “expensive” toys. Don't be tricked by a low sale price with high shipping.

Amazon carries many of the same brands as chewy.com, and even sells BULLYMAKE toys. The difference is, with BULLYMAKE specifically, you can only buy the individual toys on Amazon, and not the subscription. To subscribe, you have to go to BULLYMAKE.com. Amazon does carry subscription boxes, but we recommend you double check the price of buying directly from the brand's website, because sometimes they have special deals and deeper discounts than they would be able to offer through Amazon. Definitely worth your time.

The verdict: You can't argue that Amazon is the current king of all online shopping. If dog toys are just a small, maybe one-time, item on your list, the convenience of Amazon might be just what you need.

Shop Amazon

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